Vol 31 of 2017 finalised

Please take note that all articles that will hopefully be accepted for publication will only appear in 2018.  All volumes for 2017 have been finalised. Editor-in-Chief  
Posted: 2017-03-24

Ethics Approval

Requirement for research ethic committee approval  
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SAJHE Publications 2017 - Vol 31


Future issues to be published

Vol 31(4) 2017 : 30 July 2017

Vol 31(5) 2017 : 30 Sept 2017

Vol 31(6) 2017 : 30 Oct 2017

Posted: 2017-03-04
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Vol 31, No 3 (2017)

Cover Page
  • A university without ruins: Some reflections on possibilities and particularities of an African university
  • University research ethics clearances: Safety nets, or a false sense of legal immunity?
  • The experiences of postgraduate psychology students regarding the development of multicultural competence
  • South African corresponding authors on perceived beneficiaries and the nature of university research
  • Engaging students through writing: A collaborative journey
  • A code theory perspective on science access: Clashes and conflicts
  • Tutors' role in tutorials: 'Unpacking' and 'repacking' during the semantic journey
  • Are South African public universities economically efficient? Reflection amidst higher education crisis
  • Accessing higher education leadership: Towards a framework for women's professional development
  • Student representation and the relationship between student leaders and political Parties: The case of Makerere University
  • Efficacy of collaborative in improving learning outcomes of graphic design in higher education
  • Using action research for curriculum development and improving the learning experience: A case study
  • Accounting students’ profile versus academic performance: A five-year analysis
  • Influencing mathematics students' academic success through online intervention: A case study
  • The shrinking professoriate: Academic promotion and university teaching
  • An e-portfolio as empowering tool to enhance students' self-directed learning in a teacher education course: A case of a South African university